Whether it’s beautiful birdsong, the vibrant colours of ocean life or the antics of animals in the wild that gives you that sense of connection with the world around you, our selection of resources are sure to delight. From safaris and zoos to national parks and animals in their natural habitat, we’ve got something for everyone.

The stunning Rocky Mountains National Park in Colorado, USA, has created a ‘Sound Library’, with its soothing natural soundscape that has been recorded in the famous National Park and includes native bird, wildlife and natural sounds.

Longleat Safari Park, It’s not often you get to say you’ve had a lion in your living room, but the clever folk at Longleat Safari park in Wiltshire have found a way of doing just that – virtually that is – with their incredible online Safari tour. Immerse yourself in Longleat’s marvellous menagerie of beautiful beasts including tigers, lions and monkeys. - if watching wild animals in their natural habitat brings you joy, tuning in to’s huge global network of live nature cams is a must. Cleverly placed cameras capture live footage, providing rare glimpses into the secret life of wildlife, including giraffes gracefully feeding on foliage on African plains and brown bears fishing for spawning salmon in Alaska’s freezing rivers.

National History Museum Check out the winners and commended photographers from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2019. The stunning works are a feast for the eyes, as they capture animals and wildlife in the most amazing way! Enjoy flicking through these spectacular photos. to access.

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