Welcome to Jewish Care's virtual event diary.  Here you can find monthly listings for all our live zoom sessions. Our guests are experts in areas including art, history, politics, entertainment, religion and more.    If you need help getting set up on Zoom, please get in touch with Max on who will guide you through the process.

To register for these events please email us at or call 0208 418 2114 

Wed 21 October, 1.30pm                  
Norma Newman presents ‘Quiz with a Twist’ 

Thursday 22 October, 3.00pm        
The Changing Face of Comedy with Ivor Baddiel

Friday 23 October, 11am
Wellbeing with Mindfulness Guided Meditation  

Monday 26 October, 2.30pm
Florence Greenberg - Reviewing the woman behind the cook book 

Tuesday 27 October, 7.00pm
Quiz Time - "Would I Tell You a Bubbemeise?"

Wednesday 28 October, 2.00pm
Edith Morley - Suffragette and champion of Jewish refugees

Thursday 29 October, 1.30pm
Introducing "Art on The Underground" with Sasha Morse

Thursday 29 October, 1.30pm
Meet Daniel Cainer - The New Comic-Bard of Anglo-Jewry

Friday 30 October, 11am
Wellbeing with Mindfulness Guided Meditation