History and Culture

Craving a history and culture fix? Look no further. Take a virtual tour around some of the world’s grandest stately homes and palaces, get the inside story on what went on behind the scenes during the world wars - from Bletchley Park to Anne Frank’s home, learn about the history of different cultures - from the birth of Maoism to the key events throughout Jewish history, or just relax and let our wonderful selection of poetry inspire you.

British History & Culture

Learn more about our NHS heroes with this article which explores our National Health Service’s evolution – from its birth, to current times.


Although it’s now the official residence of the Prince of Wales and wife Camilla, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a peek behind the ornate gates of Britain’s Clarence House.


Take an online tour around Hampton Court Palace, the one-time home of notorious British Monarch, Henry VIII. Amidst the jaw-dropping backdrops of the Palace’s great array of grand rooms, including the Great Hall and Haunted Gallery, you’ll also get the lowdown on King Henry’s high-profile public dramas and scandalous private life. 


The British Library boasts an extensive variety of digital content, ranging from online maps of British interests in Asia dating back to the 18th Century, to a sound archive with 95,000 recordings of classical music, oral history and sounds and dialects. History buffs, eat your heart out!


Worldwide History & Culture

A virtual tour takes you into some of the Palace of Versailles’ grandest rooms, including the Hall of Mirrors, where the walkway’s glittering chandeliers and opulent gold furnishings are dizzyingly reflected in the myriad of mirrors that line the walls.

Get your daily history fix with History.com’s ‘On This Day In History’ email. Just sign up to access a new article each day, exploring different historical events from around the world.

Take a virtual trip to Washington DC and explore its rich culture and history, including the Lincoln Memorial and the US Capitol Building.
Click: https://washington.org/discover-dc-360

Jewish History & Culture

This virtual tour of Anne Frank’s Amsterdam home reveals what it was like to live in the cluster of small rooms hidden behind a bookcase. Available to read are various related articles and extracts from her world-famous diary.


Want to brush up on your Jewish History? YouTube channel ‘A Crash Course in Jewish History’, hosted by historian Ken Spiro, offers a series of bite-sized, 10-minute episodes exploring different themes in Jewish history.


An interesting piece exploring the complex history of the Kindertransport, which saved 10,000 children.
Click: https://theconversation.com/the-1938-kindertransport-saved-10-000-children-but-its-hard-to-describe-it-as-purely-a-success-107299

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