Getting lost in a book is a wonderful way of wiling away the hours, whatever the genre. With digital technology, there are so many ways now to read. Check out our suggestions!


For those of you not in the know, an eBook is an electronic version of a book, which can be read on a computer, tablet, smartphone or e-reader, which is a device specifically designed to read eBook

Amazon Kindle is a paid for service, offering over 100,000 eBooks, which can be read using an Amazon Kindle e-reader or the Kindle app.

In addition to their paid for eBooks, Amazon also offer a large choice of Kindle eBooks for free. The list of titles is updated regularly.


Audiobooks are recorded versions of printed books that are read aloud. They started life in the 1930s to enable blind people to read and are now used around the world by anyone and everyone.

Audible, part of Amazon, has the widest selection of high-quality audiobooks, As well as original audio series, for you to listen to. Download to your computer, mobile device, or listen through your Amazon Alexa.

BBC Sounds offer a range of audiobooks for free along with a huge choice of other great entertainment for your listening pleasure.

If you are print impaired, that is you cannot read or hold a book, the RNIB’s Talking Books service is exclusively available for you and is absolutely free. Giving you access to over 31,000 fiction and non fiction audiobooks to enjoy.

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